A venture of Jayshri Gayatri Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Our Vision

Build Trust

To emerge as daily leaders with global presence and gain customer confidence through innovative practices.

Grow Together

We envision to fill the gap in dairy industry with imaginative healthy options for our consumers. The bigger part of our vision is to & grow together' by providing aids to the farmers and milk producers to boost animal productivity.

International Presence

We also seek to drive innovation in milk and its products to international standards of quality.

Our Mission


Our mission is to grow continuously offering value added dairy products through business excellence and consumer satisfaction.


We seek to focus on providing nutritious, healthy and enjoyable array of milk products.


Build long term relationship with people, businesses and organisations with trust in it's base.

Good Denizenship

We aim to influence the development of society through our best practices and increase accessibility of class dairy products to the masses.