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Milk procurement is the backbone of every dairy industry. Hence it is essential for us to procure the best quality of milk round the year. Along with our own milk collection and chilling centers, we procure milk only from the vendors approved by our quality department. Quality audits are carried out on regular basis at various collection centers and vendor premises up to grass root levels.

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Our Village Level Milk Collection and Chilling Centers

To date, we have set up more than 100 milk collection and chilling centers across Madhya Pradesh, collecting 2.5 lakh liters of milk every day, thus impacting and providing a livelihood to more than 500,000 farmers. Our team of experts, including veterinary doctors and milk procurement professionals, visit villages to train and educate the milk farmers to help them yield greater quantity and good quality of milk. Micro Milk Collection Centers and chilling centers are set up in these villages for a seamless collection process.

These farmers are supported by our company and receive fodder for the livestock at a subsidized rate. They are also provided financial support and free training as well as a veterinary doctor when needed.

Bulk Milk Supplier

Jayshri Gayatri Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has also tied up with certified bulk milk suppliers. Approximately 2 lakh liters of milk is collected after going through strict quality checks. Once our team of professionals approve, the milk is supplied to the factory as per the demand dynamics.

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Milk Collection Quality Control

At Jayshri Gayatri Food Products Pvt. Ltd., the milk supplied to us is regularly audited by our Milk Procurement Team to maintain quality at every stage. Our factory is equipped with a state-of-the-art testing lab which helps to scan harmful bacteria and adulteration in the collected milk thus ensuring best quality compliances. Equipments like Somatic Cell Counter and Antibiotic Testing Kit is used to monitor specific quality parameters.