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Our Corporate Social Responsibility


School for underprivileged children

We believe in equal opportunity for all. Higher education scholarships are provided by JGF to the young aspirants showcasing great potential, who come from families falling below the poverty line. Free textbooks and uniforms are also provided to these school-going underprivileged children. We also supply mid-day meals to the schools to encourage students to attend school daily and support the government’s initiative of “School chale hum”. JGF also supports rural schools in building toilets and sanitary infrastructure.



We support a local orphanage for its upkeep and actively participate in ensuring the overall happiness and well-being of the resident children. Our dedicated CSR team celebrates festivals, offers clothes and medical supplies to the children living there. Financial support is provided to young women from the orphanage for their marriages.


Meals for the homeless

We run a kitchen service known as “Gandhialaya” to provide free-of-cost hygienic food to homeless people. Our food delivery vehicle supplies free food to the homeless living around Government Hospitals, Temples, Bus and Railway Stations on a daily basis. Approximately 2000 food packets are distributed every day by our social volunteers. Protective winter clothing and rain shelters are also given free of cost to the needy.


Helping Milk Farmers

We stand by our firm commitment to support and encourage Milk Farmers. Every quarter we organize free health checkup camps for the farmers and their families. We provide financial support towards educating young girls, the marriage of young women and soft loans for personal needs.
Free training classes are provided to improve the hygiene and productivity levels of milk procurement to Milk Farmers. Veterinary care, artificial insemination and cattle feed are also provided at subsidized cost to these farmers. 



We provide shelter, care, free fodder and veterinary support to stray, unproductive and sick cattle. Our passionate team of caretakers work round the clock for these animals at a special rehab gaushala.

CSR Policy

Annual Report on CSR
CSR Policy